Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District

About us

We are prestigious business organization that brings together entrepreneurs and defends their interests. It deals with the promotion of entrepreneurship, exports, vocational training, increasing competitiveness, by organizing seminars, conferences and gathering information for entrepreneurs.

The main mission of the Chamber is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, promote and support measures that contribute to entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and thus to the overall economic stability of the state.

Activities OHK Olomouc

  • advisory and consultancy services, information services
  • increasing competitiveness of Czech entrepreneurs
  • dissemination of information on business operations, oversight of business expertise
  • development of relations with similar organizations abroad
  • Performance own economic activities

Services of OHK Olomouc

  • Checkings certificates of origin of goods, issuing ATA carnet for the temporary export of goods
  • Public administration contact point CzechPOINT – to obtain statements from public registers, cadastre, register of drivers and a list of qualified ferent vendors
  • Authentication of documents and signatures and authorized conversion of documents for the purposes of correspondence through data boxes
  • Legal advisory services, educational activities, increasing information literacy
  • Providing information to entrepreneurs about companies


PhDr. Radim Kašpar

Chairman OHK Olomouc