About us

The Olomouc District Chamber of Commerce is a respected business organization that unites entrepreneurs and advocates for their interests. It focuses on providing business support, promoting exports, offering vocational training, enhancing competitiveness, organizing seminars and conferences, as well as gathering information for entrepreneurs.

Key Benefits of Chamber Membership

Information and Contacts

We know very well how to utilize these most valuable commodities of today, contributing to the growth of your business and our region.

Networking and Recommendations

Our longstanding connections with key employers and companies in the region serve as a bridge for connecting entrepreneurs. We gladly endorse high-quality members of the Olomouc District Chamber of Commerce and assist them in securing additional contracts.

Consultation and Expertise

Drawing from our own experiences, a nationwide chamber network, and the specialized knowledge of our members, we are capable of offering expert advice in a wide range of areas. We also find inspiration in the best practices of our members.

Events and Activities

Our daily work involves organizing professional seminars, webinars, conferences, business breakfasts, business evenings, and other professional and social networking events.

Strength and Respect

As a legally established organization, our primary goal is to advocate for the interests of entrepreneurs and businesses. Thanks to our strength and credibility, we effectively lobby for topics beneficial to the business environment.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Even though the aim of business is profit generation, we approach sustainability and social responsibility issues with great sensitivity. With consideration for the environment and the region, we exhibit responsible solidarity and uphold important social connections.